Rendering used in Gen. xvi. 12 (R. V.), Job vi. 5, xi. 12, xxiv. 5, xxxix. 5, Ps. civ. 11, Isa. xxxii. 14, Jer. xiv. 6, and Hos. viii. 9 for the Hebrew "pere," and in Jer. ii. 24 for "pereh";in Job xxxix. 5 for the Hebrew "'arud"; and in Dan. v. 21 for the Aramaic "'arad." In all these passages the animal is depicted as extremely wild, shy, wary, and swift. At present it is rarely met with in Syria.

The wild ass, though it resembles in appearance the tame animal, is classed in the Talmud, in a ritual aspect, among the wild animals (Kil. i. 6, viii. 6). It is the only animal whose flesh underneath the muscles can be torn either way (Ḥul. 59a). It turned the mill in which grain was ground ('Ab. Zarah 16b), while its flesh was fed to the lions in the king's menagerie (Men. 103b). See also Ass.

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