Hungarian electrician and physicist; born at Hod-Mezö-Vasarhely Jan. 16, 1860. He was educated at the university of Budapest, and continued his studies in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Darmstadt, and Hanover. In 1892 he was appointed professor of physics at the polytechnic in Budapest; and five years later he became a member of the royal patent bureau and secretary of the board of examiners for teachers in intermediate schools.

Wittmann's works, which have made him the leading Hungarian authority on electrotechnics, include the following: "Az Inductiv Taszításról" (on inductive repulsion); "Periodikus Áramok Optikai Vizsgálata" (optical tests of periodical currents); "Budapest Villamvilágításáról" (electric lighting of Budapest); "Az Erös Villamáramok Technikája" (technics of strong electric currents); "A Leydeni Batteriák és Induktoriumok Áramának Vizsgálata és Objektív Elöallítása" (objective production of currents from Leyden jars and inductors); "Kondensatorok Áramának Vizsgálata és Objectív Elöállítása" (test and objective production of currents from condensers); and "Akusztikai Kisérletek" (acoustic experiments). In addition to these works, Wittmann has published numerous articles on the technical uses of electricity and heat.

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