Galician Hebrew writer; born at Lemberg in 1813; died there in 1891. When a little girl of eight, Jetty, after having passed her examination in primary instruction, was taken by her father, Michael Kehlmann, into his office as an accountant. She was so devoted to the study of Hebrew, however, that she always attended the Hebrew lessons given her brothers, and in her spare moments she used to read the Bible in Hebrew. The Hebrew letters of the Christian Anna Maria Schurmann stimulated her still more, and she induced her father to engage a teacher for her. The physician Goldschmied, then a student at Lemberg, was entrusted with her Hebrew education. At the age of fourteen she was betrothed to L. Rosanes of Brody, and carried on a correspondence with him which was styled by Rapoport "the echo of the Song of Songs." Her fiancé died, however; and shewas married several years later to Samson Wohllerner. She continued to write her Hebrew letters notwithstanding; and the greater portion of her correspondence, which is noteworthy for its style and purity of language, was published in "Kokebe Yiẓḥaḳ" and "Ha-Boḳer Or," while two letters, one to Kayserling and one to Goldschmied, are found in "Oẓar ha-Sifrut" (i. 60-62).

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