Italian Biblical commentator; lived at Rome in the tenth century. Yir'am was styled "of Magdiel " in conformity with the rabbinical interpretation which refers the name "Magdiel" (Gen. xxxvi. 43) to Rome (comp. Rashi ad loc.). He was a junior contemporary and perhaps also a pupil of Saadia, and was the author of a commentary on Chronicles, some fragments of which were united by a compiler with writings of other commentators, among them Judah ibn Ḳuraish, the whole being edited by Kirchheim under the title "Ein Kommentar zur Chronik aus dem 10. Jahrhundert" (Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1874). There are extant only three fragments of Yir'am's commentary: the first is taken from Saadia's commentary; the second is a haggadic explanation of certain words; and the third is an interpretation of the subject-matter, as to which Yir'am is charged by the compiler with not having thoroughly penetrated into the meaning of the passage.

YIMLOK ADONAI(A)—OF THE SEPHARDIM (Before the Scroll Is Returned to the Ark)(B)—OF THE ASHKENAZIM (as Closing Response on Festivals)
  • Vogelstein and Rieger, Gesch. der Juden in Rom, i. 184.
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