Palestinian amora of the third century; contemporary of Eleazar ben Pedat (Yer. Suk. 53a). He transmitted some haggadic maxims in the names of Ḥanina (Eccl. R. ix. 12) and Jose ben Ḥanina (Pesiḳ. 99a). With reference to Gen. ii. 4 and 8 he remarked that since God is proud of His creation, no one may venture to find fault with it (Gen. R. xii. on xv. 5). Commenting on II Sam. xx. 21, he states that he who offends a great man is just as guilty as he who offends the king himself (Eccl. R. on ix. 18). Other haggadic maxims of his have been preserved as follows: on Gen. xxxi. 36 and I Sam. xx. 1 (Gen. R. lxxiv. 10); on Ezek. xxi. 21 (Shoḥer Ṭob to Ps. lxxviii. 19); on Job ii. 4 (Eccl. R. to iii. 9); and on Ruth ii. 14 (Lev. R. xxxiv. 8).

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