Turkish Talmudist; lived at Salonica toward the end of the sixteenth century. He was dayyan under Rabbi Solomon ha-Levi, after whom Yiẓḥaḳi signed third under a decision issued in 1597, and second under a decision of 1598. Yiẓḥaḳi was the author of the work "Aḥot Ḳeṭannah," which is quoted in Joseph Almosnino's "'Edut bi-Yehosef" (i., No. 54) and in Ḥasdai Peraḥya's "Torat Ḥesed" (No. 65), and printed at the end of Jacob Ḥagiz's "Halakot Ḳeṭannot," and which is erroneously ascribed by Heilprin ("Seder ha-Dorot," iii., s.v.) to Michael b. Moses ha-Kohen. It is a work in four parts on the laws relative to the "geṭ" of a minor.

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