African liturgical poet, who wrote the following eight poems that are found in the Tripolitan Maḥzor: (1) "El hekal ḳodsho"; (2) "Le-bet el banu"; (3) "La-Adonai et yom ha-shebi'i berak"; (4) "Meḥolel kol be-ḳaw yashar"; (5) "Ezri yabi el me-'ayin"; (6) "'Al rob 'awoni"; (7) "'Ammeka le-shaḥareka ḳamu"; (8) "Ki bo Elohim dibber be-ḳodsho." No. 3 consists of thirteen strophes, and each of the others consists of five strophes. Nos. 3, 4, 7, and 8 are to be recited on the Sabbaths of the month of Elul. Only No. 3 bears the complete signature ; No. 7 is signed , while all the others show only the name . Nos. 3 and 8 are both "mustajabs"; in the former every strophe begins with "la-Adonai" and terminates with "Adonai," while in the latter the strophes begin with "ki bo" and rime in "to."

  • Zunz, Literaturgesch. pp. 598-599.
J. M. Sel.
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