ABRAHAM BEN SHABBETHAI COHEN OF ZANTE (called also Abraham Cohen Rofe):

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Physician and poet; born in Crete in 1670; died in 1729. He must have removed at an early period to Zante. He studied under Hezekiah Manoah Provençal, a physician of Verona. He was the author of a poetical paraphrase of the Psalms, which he published, together with other poems of his own, under the title "Kehunat Abraham" (Abraham's Priesthood), Venice, 1719. A specimen of this work, now quite rare, was reprinted in the periodical "Ha-Meassef," iii. 1, and in "Bikkure ha-'Ittim," v. 83. While he shows a good command of the Hebrew language, his poetry is not of a high order.

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