Austrian dermatologist; born at Vierzighuben near Zwittau, Moravia, Sept. 22, 1817; died at Vienna Sept. 23, 1884; educated at the University of Vienna (M.D. 1846). In 1846 he was appointed assistant in the ophthalmological, surgical, and dermatological hospitals of the University of Vienna, and four years later he established a practise and was admitted to the medical faculty of the university as privat-docent. He soon became an authority on skin-diseases and syphilis. In 1861 he was appointed assistant professor, and in 1869 he became professor and chief physician, of the second department for syphilis at the general hospital. These positions he held until his resignation in 1883. He was knighted by the Austrian emperor.

Zeissl wrote many essays for the medical journals, and was the author of the following works: "Compendium der Pathologie und Therapie der Tertiären Syphilis und Einfachen Venerischen Krankheiten" (Vienna, 1850); "Lehrbuch der Constitutionellen Syphilis für Aerzte und Hörer der Medizin" (Erlangen, 1864); "Lehrbuch der Syphilis und der mit Dieser Verwandten Oertlichen Venerischen Krankheiten" (Stuttgart, 1875); and "Grundriss der Pathologie und Therapie der Syphilis" (ib. 1876). The last two works have been translated into Russian, Dutch, English, and Italian.

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