Simeonitic town which, after the union of the tribes of Simeon and Judah, became Judean; first mentioned in the account of the territory and borders of the individual tribes (Josh. xv. 31, xix. 5). In the early part of the regal period Ziklag came into the possession of the Philistines, who retained it until King Achish gave it to his vassal David as a place of residence (I Sam. xxvii. 6; II Sam. i. 1, iv. 10; I Chron. xii. 1, 20). It was invaded and burned by the Amalekites when David joined the Philistine king in war (I Sam. xxx. 1-26), and after the return from the first Exile it was one of the towns assigned to the Judeans (Neh. xi. 28). The town has not yet been identified, although Conder and Kitchener believe that its ruins are represented by the remains called Zuḥailika, discovered by them in 1877, and lying on three low hills eastsoutheast of Gaza and four miles north of Wadi al-Shari'ah.

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