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Family name of several prominent Jews.

Aaron Antunes:

Ḥakam of Amsterdam; lived about the year 1715. He is known as a correspondent of many rabbis of his day, among them Jacob Mähler, rabbi of Düsseldorf. He left a commentary on the "Sayings of the Fathers" (written at Naerden, 1723), and a halakic treatise, "Maṭṭeh Aharon" (Aaron's Rod), both of which are still extant in manuscript.

Luis Antunes:

A victim of the Inquisition at Coimbra; born in 1672. He was sentenced to imprisonment for life for his profession of Judaism.

Manuel Antunes, of Lamego, his brother Raphael, and his sisters Clara and Beatriz, met with the same fate.

Others known under this name are: David Antunes, author of a poem on the martyrs Marcos da Almeyda Bernal and Abraham Nunes Bernal; lived in Amsterdam, 1655; Gabriel Antunes, a relative of David, settled in Barbados in 1680; and Aaron de Solomon Antunes, printer in Amsterdam from 1715 to 1720.

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