English pugilist, nicknamed "The Star of the East"; born in London, November 21, 1800, at Duke's Place, Aldgate; died in Whitechapel, 1850. His career as a pugilist extended over fifteen years. When but nineteen years old he met and defeated in turn William Connelly (1819), Manny Lyons, Ely Bendon, and Samuel Belasco. He also opposed Angel Hyams and Tom Collins in interrupted contests. In 1823 he met Ned Stockman (May 6), whom he defeated after a battle of forty rounds; Tom Lenney (August 5 and November 11), and Frank Redmond (December 30). The next year he beat Peter Warren (April 6), but two months later was defeated after fifty-seven rounds by Arthur Matthewson (June 21). He fought Dick Hares (March 21, 1826), who after forty-three rounds, claimed the fight on a foul blow, which was disallowed, the contest being awarded to Aaron. The latter met Dick Curtis at Andover, England (February 27, 1827), and after fighting fifty minutes knocked him out by a blow on the throat. Aaron again fought Frank Redmond, on October 23, and defeated him in forty-two rounds. Among other combatants whom Aaron met and fought with varying success were Marsh Bateman (July 4, 1828), Harry Jones (November 21), Jem Raines (May 26, 1829), and Tom Smith (April 1, 1834). See Pugilism.

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