A chief of the Arab tribe Banu al-Khazraj at Medina and a powerful opponent of Mohammed, who had undermined Abdallah's influence in that city. He was the head of the party that Mohammed called "Hanifa." Being an ally of the Banu Ḳainuḳa'a and jealous of Mohammed's growing power, he succeeded in preventing their slaughter after they had surrendered. He also encouraged the Banu al-Nadhir to resist Mohammed, but failed to come to their aid when they were attacked. When Mohammed mobilized the Moslem forces for the expedition against Syria in 630, Abdallah, with his Jewish allies who had remained in Medina, formed a separate camp, which, however, did not join the main army. His disappearance was a death-blow to the party which still showed opposition to Mohammed, and also caused the final expulsion of the Jews who had been allowed to stay in Medina.

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H. Hir.
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