Rabbi at Slonim, Lithuania, later at Lublin, Poland; born about 1801; died in Lublin March 6, 1852. He was the author of: (1) "Noda' ba-She'arim." (Known in the Gates), containing responsa on the "Eben he'Ezer"; novellæ on the Talmudical treatise Giṭṭin; rules concerning the laws of Majority and possession; and, at the end, homilies arranged in the order of the Sabbatical sections. This work was published by the brother of the author, Abraham Aryeh, Warsaw, 1849. (2) "Sha'are Yerushalaim" (The Gates of Jerusalem), containing a commentary on the Seder Zer'aim of the Jerusalem Talmud; notes and novellæ on various treatises of the Jerusalem Talmud; notes and novellæ on different treatises of the Babylonian Talmud and on the work of Isaac Alfasi. This also was published by Abraham Aryeh, Warsaw, 1866.

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L. G. I. Br.
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