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Italian translator, Biblical commentator, and teacher; born at Triest June 6, 1821; died there June 17, 1898. He lectured on Biblical exegesis in the Tamud Torah of his native city, and occasionally delivered sermons on holy days. He was the author of the following works: "Ho'il Mosheh," comprising commentaries on the Earlier Prophets (Gäritz, 1870), the Book of Job (Padua, 1877), the Psalms (Leghorn, 1880), the Five Megillot and the Book of Proverbs (ib. 1880), the Pentateuch (ib. 1881), the Minor Prophets (Triest, 1887), the books of Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah, and Chronicles (Przemysl, 1889); "Musar Melakim," a collection of ethical homilies based on the Pirḳe Abot (Triest, 1878); "Zeker Rab," an Italian translation of the didactical prose-poem of Mussafia (Padua, 1878); "Oẓar Nirdefe Leshon 'Ibri," on Hebrew synonyms (ib. 1879); "Simḥat ha-Regel," homilies and glosses on the Targum to Proverbs. The author's autobiography is appended to the last-named work. He published also, in "Ha-Asif" (1886), an introduction to the Minor Prophets.

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