ASHKENAZI, RAPHAEL BEN JUDAH (known also as Raphael Naphtali Ashkenazi):

A rabbi of Smyrna, where he died in 1830. He wrote: (1) "Mareh 'Enayim" (Sight to the Eyes), Salonica, 1816—an index to the Talmud and to Rashi and Tosafot, after the model of Benvenisti's "Sefer Keneset ha-Gedolah"; (2) "Mareh ha-Gadol" (The Great Vision), Salonica, 1829—containing homilies on the Pentateuch; (3) "Doresh Ṭob" (Seeking the Good), a continuation of the preceding work, Salonica, 1831; appended to it is Judah Ashkenazi's work, "Seride Yehudah" (Judah's Remnant); (4) "Mareh ha-Nogah" (The Vision of Glory), containing observations on the works of Maimonides, Salonica, 1840.

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L. G. M. B.
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