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ABDIMA (called also Abdimi, Abudma, Abudmi, all equivalent to Ebdimus = Eudemus—compare Jastrow, "Dict." p. 3; and in the Babylonian Talmud frequently contracted to Dimi):

Name of several Palestinian amoraim, known also in Babylonia. One of them is mentioned in thePalestinian Talmud simply as R. Abdimi or R. Abudmi, without any cognomen. He flourished in the fourth century, contemporaneously with R. Jose II, who survived him, and with R. Eliezer II. See Yer. Er. x. 26a; Yer. B. B. ix. 16d; doubtful, Yer. Ket. xi. 34b.

The Palestinian Talmud and the midrashic literature mention several more amoraim by the name of Abdima or one of its variants, some of whom will be found under Dimi.

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