'ASIYAH("world of making"):

The last of the four spiritual worlds of the Cabala—Aẓilut, Beriah, Yeẓirah, 'Asiyah—based on the passage in Isa. xliii. 7. According to the "Maseket Aẓilut," it is the region where the Ofanim rule and where they promote the hearing of prayers, support human endeavor, and combat evil. Their ruler is Sandalphon. According to the system of the later Palestinian Cabala, 'Asiyah is the lowest of the spiritual worlds containing the Ten Heavens and the whole system of mundane Creation. The light of the Sefirot emanates from these Ten Heavens, which are called the "Ten Sefirot of 'Asiyah"; and through them spirituality and piety are imparted to the realm of matter —the seat of the dark and impure powers (Cordovero, "Pardes Rimmonim," chapter [initialsof Aẓilut, Beriah, Yeẓirah, 'Asiyah]). (Vital, "'Eẓ Ḥayyim," chapter ) Compare Aẓilut.

K. P. B.
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