Polish historian; born in 1867 at Zawichwost, government of Radom, in Russian Poland; studied at the universities of Warsaw and Göttingen, graduating from the latter with the degree of doctor of philosophy. In 1897 he was appointed lecturer, and in 1902 professor extraordinary on universal history to the University of Lemberg. His principal works are: "Die Letzte Polnische Königswahl," Göttingen; "Studja Historyczno-Krytyczne," Cracow, 2d ed., 1897; "Dzialalnosc Ministra Lubeckiego," 1897; and "Ministerjum Wielhorskiego," 1898.

Many of Askenazy's historical treatises were published in the "Biblioteka Warzawska" and in "Kwartalnik Historyczny." They deal mainly with Polish history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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