—Biblical Data:

A wife of Jerahmeel and the mother of Onam (I Chron. ii. 26). If Jerahmeel, as seems probable, is the name of a clan, the expression "wife" might point to an alliance (or in the case of "wives" alliances) with other clans.

J. Jr. G. B. L.—In Rabbinical Literature:

Atarah was a Canaanite woman of rank, whom Jerahmeel married in order "to be crowned" through her; that is to say, to be raised to nobility (, "crown," "decoration"). But she brought evil upon him, and was therefore called "the mother of Onam"; that is, "the mother of mourning" (, "mourner"). On account of this irregular marriage, a portion of the tribe of Judah did not recognize the children of Jerahmeel as of pure descent (Yer. Sanh. ii. 20b; Ruth R., end).

J. Sr. L. G.
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