German rabbi; cousin of Hirsch Aub; born at Beiersdorf, in Bavaria, 1805; died May 22, 1880. He held various rabbinical posts for fifty years, first in Baireuth (1830-50), then in Mayence (1850-65), and, finally, in Berlin from 1865 until his death. Joseph Aub was distinguished as one of the first Bavarian rabbis who delivered their sermons in German and published them later in pamphlet form. He was a partizan of the Reform movement, but without losing the historic ground of Judaism. He founded a weekly entitled "Sinai" in 1846, but this independent organ met with mediocre success only. Among his writings on theological questions may be mentioned: "Betrachtungen und Widerlegungen," in two parts, 1839; "Biblisches Sprachbuch für den Vorbereitenden Unterricht in der Mosaischen Religion," 1868; "Grundlage zu einem Wissenschaftlichen Unterrichte in der Mosaischen Religion."

  • Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums, 1880, p. 359.
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