French author; born in Paris, March 7, 1853. He is an adopted son of Paul Avenel. He began his career by editing "L' Événement," the daily political Parisian paper, and several departmental newspapers. In 1888 he took charge of the "Annuaire de la Presse Française," founded by Emile Mermet in 1880, and improved it in many ways, especially by the addition of a political department.

Avenel is the author of "Chansons et Chansonniers" (Paris, 1889), a history of song in all ages; "La Loterie: Historique Critique de l'Organisation Actuelle; Projet de Réorganisation"; "L'Amérique Latine" (Paris, 1890), with an interesting introduction"on the present state and future prospects of French commerce in America."

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