• 1. A people mentioned in Deut. ii. 23 as being dispossessed by the Caphtorim. This, however, could not have taken place before the days of Joshua, for it is stated in Josh. xiii. 3 that the Israelites upon entering Canaan failed to conquer them; and their place of settlement is identical with the one mentioned in Deut. ii. 23. Although settled in the Philistine district, they do not appear to have had anything in common with the Philistines; they resemble rather the class of Bedouins who had made some progress toward the stage of permanent settlements.
  • 2. A city in the domain of Benjamin, which may once have been a city of the Avvites (Josh. xviii. 23).
  • 3. The place from which the king of Assyria brought people, worshipers of Nibhaz and Tartak, whom he settled in Samaria (II Kings xvii. 31). Called "Ivvah" in II Kings xviii. 34, xix. 13; Isa. xxxvii. 13.
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