Rabbi and Talmudist; born in Lithuania about 1775; died at Seiny, government of Suwalki, April 25, 1846. He was a lineal descendant in the seventh generation of Tobias Bachrach, who, together with Israel ben Shalom, was beheaded on a charge of ritual murder in Rushony Sept. 19, 1659. Bachrach's life was a model of piety. He distributed among the poor all the income derived from his position of rabbi at Seiny, and lived on the interest from a small fund that his friends had invested for him in their business. His notes on the Talmud, under the title "Nimmuḳe Hagrib = ha-Gaon R. Jehudah Bachrach" (Critical Comments of Hagrib, the Gaon R. Jehudah Bachrach), appear in the edition of the Talmud which was published by Rom at Wilna.

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