German rabbi and Talmudic author; born in Wiesenbronn, Bavaria, May 1, 1835. He is the son of the eminent rabbi Seligman Baer Bamberger, from whom he received his first instruction in Talmud. After having privately acquired the necessary knowledge in secular branches, he passed his examination as rabbi at Würzburg in 1860, and in the following year was appointed substitute rabbi (Rabbinatsverweser) at Hassfurt. From 1864 to 1872 he was Klaus rabbi of Sulzburg; from 1872 to 1880 of Lengnau-Endingen, Switzerland; from 1880 to 1887 of Niederhagenthal, Alsace; and since 1887 of Sennheim, Alsace.

Bamberger wrote lexicographic notes on various Talmudic treatises, under the title "Limmud 'Aruk," of which there have appeared those on Shabbat (Fürth, 1868), Berakot (1872), Rosh ha-Shanah, Ta'anit, Sukkah (Mayence, 1890), and Megillah (Berlin, 1897). In the last-named are included some responsa of his father's. Additions to Bamberger's notes on Berakot and Shabbat are published under the title "Hegyon Shelomo" (Mayence, 1898). He also translated his father's manual on Sheḥiṭah, "More la-Zobeḥim" (Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1894).

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