Hungarian rabbi; born 1815 at Széchény; died Oct. 21, 1871. The youngest son of Ezekiel Baneth, he was one of the most gifted pupils of his father, from whom he inherited, together with a love for Talmudic studies, his amiable character. After attending for some time the lectures of R. Moses Sofer of Presburg, he married, Sept. 3, 1840, Golde, daughter of the merchant David Stössl of Liptó-Szent-Miklós. Settling in the latter place, he assiduously devoted himself to the study of the Talmud. His reputation for scholarship brought him a number of devoted pupils. In 1868 he accepted, without compensation, the office of rabbi of the Orthodox congregation of Liptó-Szent-Miklós, compelling through his uprightness, peaceable disposition, and piety the esteem of the opposing party. He left a manuscript volume of valuable notes on the whole Talmud.

S. E. Ban.
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