BARḲI (, or , called ), ISAAC BEN ELIJAH:

Writer; flourished in the seventeenth century at Salonica. He was, according to Azulai, a pupil of Ḥayyim Shabbethai (died 1647), otherwise called . Of his literary activity little is known. There is a decision of his published in Ḥayyim Shabbethai's responsa, "Torat Ḥayyim," part iii. § 29, Salonica, 1722; and another opinion on ritual questions, printed as an appendix to Samuel ben Isaac Sardi's "Sefer ha-Terumot," ed. Salonica, 5388 (= 1628 (?), not 1596, as in Fürst). He also annotated the Arba'ah Ṭurim, which comments are given in Michael Cohen's "Moreh Ẓedek," Salonica, 1655.

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