Daughter of Ebert Geronim, and second wife of Jacob Bassevi, son of Abraham Bassevi and president of the congregation of Prague. She died in the summer of 1628. Her tomb is embellished with the family coat of arms—a blue lion with eight red stars upon a black field—which was bestowed upon her husband in recognition of his services by the emperor Ferdinand in 1622. Bassevi was also accorded free choice of residence, was allowed to engage in any form of trade, was exempt from taxes, and was permitted to enter the imperial dwelling. His family was ennobled and received the title "von Treuenberg."

Hendel was very charitable. She adopted orphans, endowed brides, supported needy scholars, paid for the illumination of synagogues, and equipped schools with books. Indeed, at the beginning of the Thirty Years' war, when Hebrew books were ruthlessly confiscated, Hendel did much to provide for the endowment of synagogues and the distribution of prayer-books in Austria, Moravia, and other countries.

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