Founder of a widespread noble Spanish family that flourished in the fifteenth century. He had two daughters, Esther and Leah. Don Alphonso of Aragon, an illegitimate son of King John of Aragon, fell in love with Esther, who is said to have been very beautiful. After she had been baptized he married her, and of this marriage there were three sons and one daughter. The eldest son, John of Aragon, became count of Ribagorza and married a daughter of Lopez de Guerrea, the sole heiress to the large estates of her father. Alphonso, the second son, entered the Church, and in a short time became bishop of Tortosa and, under Ferdinand the Catholic, archbishop of Tarragona. The third son, Fernando, became commander of the Order of San Juan. Esther's granddaughter, Juana of Aragon, married Don Francisco de la Cavallesía, grandson of the Jew Bonafos. Leah married the Marano Martin Sanchez (see "Revista de España," xviii. 548).

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