ABIEZER ("Father is Help"):

1. A clan of Manasseh, the most important member of which was Gideon, in whose time the seat of the clan was at Ophrah on the western side of the Jordan (Josh. xvii. 2; Judges, vi. 11, 24, 34, viii. 2; I Chron. vii. 18; Num. xxvi. 30 has Jeezer). Abiezrite is the Gentile name, and is found in Judges, vi. 11, 24, viii. 32; Num. xxvi. 30 has Jeezerite. 2. Abiezer the Anethothite, one of the "thirty men" of David, and commanding officer of 24,000 men in the ninth month (II Sam. xxiii. 27; I Chron. xi. 28, xxvii. 12).

G. B. L.
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