German physician and writer on medical subjects; born at Wittenburg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1804; died at Rostock,March 13, 1867. Educated at the gymnasium and the university at Rostock. In 1827 he received the degree of doctor of medicine from the latter institution, and the same year he established himself as a physician in Rostock. He followed the profession in that city for forty years, until his death, and built up a large practise.

Of Behrend's works the following are the most important: "Ueber die Anwendung des Brechmittels gegen die Cholera," Schwerin, 1831 (interesting for its information on the treatment of cholera at that time); "Febris Intermittens Stationaria," Wismar, 1853. Some of his essays treating on homeopathy, neuralgia facialis, fever, etc., were published in "Hufeland's Journal," vols. lxx. xciii.; "Hennemann's Beiträge," vol. i; "Mecklenburger Medizinisches Conversationsblatt," vol. i et seq.

Behrend was deeply interested in the political position of his coreligionists in Mecklenburg, and embodied his opinions in his work, 'Eine Schrift über die Juden in Mecklenburg und Ihre Bürgerliche Gleichstellung," 1843.

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