Russian teacher and editor; born in Friedrichstadt, Courland, Sept. 26, 1830; died at St. Petersburg April 27, 1893. He received his early education in the ḥeder and in the district school of his native town, where he began his vocation as private teacher. In 1854 he settled in Mitau, where in 1861 he opened a private school for Jewish boys. The Jewish community of St. Petersburg invited him in 1864 to found its first Jewish school, which remained under his management until his death. From 1869 to 1882 he was instructor in the Jewish religion at the Kolomenskaya Women's College in St. Peters burg. In 1879 he founded there the weekly Russo-Hebrew periodical "Russki Yevrei," which he published and edited conjointly with H. M. Rabinovich until 1883, and after that with L. O. Kantor to the end of 1884.

Behrmann is the author of "Osnovy Moiseyeva Zakona," which was recommended by the Ministry of Public Instruction as a manual for all high schools where the Jewish religion was taught and of "Sankt-Peterburgskiya Yevreiskiya Uchilishcha."

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