Karaite ḥakam and ḥazan at Odessa; born there about 1820. Having received a good education from his father, who was an excellent Hebrew scholar, Solomon devoted himself to the instruction of his coreligionists, and founded many schools in Odessa and in the Crimea. He published in Russian at Odessa in 1862 a memorial work on the chief seat of Karaism in the Crimea—viz., Chufut-Kale—entitled "Pamjato Chufut-Kale," in which he endeavors to demonstrate the great antiquity of the Karaite sect andgoes so far as to trace the settlement of the Karaites in the Crimea back to the time of Cambyses.

  • Gottlober, Bikkoret le-Toledot ha-Keraim, 1865, p. 206.
K. I. Br.
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