A French rabbinic scholar; lived during the second half of the thirteenth century. He is probably identical with the "Abigdor the Frenchman" mentioned in old manuscripts, who wrote a commentary on the Maḥzor. From a note in manuscript (Munich, No. 92), "Abigdor the Frenchman" appears to have been an adherent of the Cabala. It is possible that the rabbis Isaac and Abigdor of Béziers, whom Naḥmanides mentions in his letter to the Jewish community of that town, are "Abigdor the Frenchman" and his father Isaac. On the other hand, it seems improbable that Abigdor ben Isaac is identical with Abigdor mentioned in "The Mordecai." The latter is no doubt the Austrian Talmudist Abigdor ha-Kohen, who lived not long before and in the same region as Mordecai.

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