Danish oboist and pianist; born July 26, 1845, at Copenhagen; a brother of Frits Bendix. He first devoted himself to the study of the oboe, and received instruction on that instrument from Christian Schliemann. He was also a pupil of Gade and Rée. In 1868 he received an appointment as oboist in the royal orchestra; and he remained a member of that organization until 1880. In the mean time he had diligently devoted himself to the study of the piano; and in order to perfect himself as a pianist, he tooka course with Theodore Kullak at Berlin and with Liszt at Weimar (1872-74).

The piano now gradually became his favorite instrument. For a number of years he performed at concerts and taught in Copenhagen; but in 1880 he left his native city for Boston, Mass., where he now occupies (1902) a distinguished position as a teacher and virtuoso. In the latter capacity he has made frequent tours, one of which extended as far as San Francisco.

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