Dayyan at Pinczow in the latter half of the seventeenth and at the beginning of the eighteenth century. He edited the Shulḥan 'Aruk, Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ, with notes that are a digest of the works of the rabbinical authorities of the seventeenth century, to which he occasionally adds his own views or those of his contemporaries. The book was published in Berlin in 1712 under the title "Misgeret ha-Shulḥan" = "Border of the Table" (see Ex. xxv. 25), with a preface by his son Shabbethai, who lived in Halberstadt in the house of Judah Loeb, the son-in-law of the local rabbi, Abraham Ben Judah Berlin, a patron of rabbinical studies, who seems to have defrayed the expenses of the printing of this work. Benjamin's father, Shabbethai, was a brother of Samuel Romaner, and Benjamin was therefore a cousin of Benjamin, the rabbi of Dessau and author of "Ir Binyamin." In an appendix to the work are printed "Teḳanot ha-Boreḥim," the laws on bankrupts passed by the Council of the Four Lands.

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