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Payyeṭan; lived in the twelfth century, probably at Lunel. Although he wrote nothing on the Halakah, his brother Zerahiah Gerundi, in his "Sefer ha-Maor," cites him as an authority on the treatise Giṭṭin (to 15b). Berechiah's poems, the greater part of which are printed in the Maḥzorim of diverse rites, are: (1) "Kerobah," a form of piyyuṭ, for the Sabbath following the feast of Purim; (2) Azharot, for the feast of Tabernacles, in which all the precepts concerning this feast are enumerated; (3) introduction to Kaddish; (4) poems for Purim; (5) prayers for Atonement; (6) a poem on the Habdalah.

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