German geologist; born in Berlin Jan. 4, 1836. He studied the science of mining; and in his work, "Die Diluvialablagerungen der Mark Brandenburg, Insbesondere der Umgebung von Potsdam," Berlin, 1863, gave the first geological map of this province. He also prepared and issued maps of a part of the Harz mountain range and of eastern and western Prussia. Having settled in Königsberg, he was, in 1872), made there extraordinary professor; subsequently becoming district geologist and chief of the department for the Lowland in the Prussian Geological Institute at Berlin. Being made professor at the Berlin University in 1875, Berendt distinguished himself by work on the geology of the North German Lowland; and was among the first to recognize the glacial theory in geology. He further issued a geological map of the vicinity of Berlin, and a geological plan of the city of Berlin. His work, "Die Theorie Darwins und die Geologie," Gütersloh, 1870, contains a repudiation of Darwinism. Among his other productions on geology, the more important are: "Geognostische Blicke in Alt-Preussens Urzeit," Berlin, 1872; "Die Umgegend Berlins," Berlin, 1877; "Spuren einer Vergletscherung des Riesengebirges," Berlin, 1892; "Der Tiefere Untergrund Berlins," Berlin, 1899. He contributed a large number of essays on the same subject to the following periodical publications: "Zeitschrift der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft," Berlin; "Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geologie, und Paläontologie," Stuttgart; "Schriften der Physisch-Oekonomische Gesellschaft, "Königsberg, and others.

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