Austrian oculist and medical author; born at Vienna Aug. 1, 1855. He received his education at the University of Vienna.From 1882 to 1887 he was lecturer at the University of Gratz, and from 1890 to 1896 professor of ophthalmology at Paris. Berger, who, in 1882, was the inventor of an ophthalmoscope having an automatic action of two Rekoss disks, won the Prix Montyon in 1888, and the Prix Rémusat in 1892, for researches in this line of work. He was also the president of the ophthalmic congress held in Paris in 1894.

Berger is the author of: "Gehirn und Retina der Anthropoiden," 1878; "Der Hornhautspiegel," 1886; "Krankheiten der Keilbeinhöhle und des Siebbeinlabyrinthes," 1886; "Beiträge zur Anatomie des Auges," 1887; "Chirurgie des Sinus Sphenoidalis," 1890; "Les Maladies des Yeux dans Leurs Rapports avec la Pathologie Générale," 1892.

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