AARON BEN ELIEZER (called Saggi Nehor—euphemism for "The Blind"):

A liturgical poet, who lived in Safed from the year 1545. He was the author of a collection of poems and prayers printed at Mantua in 1561, entitled "Sefer ha-Miẓnefet" (The Book of the Miter). His booklet treats chiefly of the glories of Palestine, for love of which land he had left his home; and it includes a number of poems upon the thirteen articles of the Jewish creed. This Aaron is probably the same as the one honorably mentioned by a writer of 1500-35 given in Luncz, "Jerusalem Yearbook," iii. 98, 104, Hebrew part.

  • Michael, Or ha-Ḥayyim, No. 308, and Dukesin Orient, 1844, p. 453.
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