Spanish martyr; born in Montilla 1633; burned at the stake in St. Iago de Compostella(Galicia, Spain), in the month of March, 1655, at the age of twenty-two. He was a nephew of Abraham Nuñez Bernal. When only seventeen (1650) he had been thrown into the prison of the Inquisition at Valladolid. Daniel Levi de Barrios mentions Bernal in his "Govierno Popular Judayco" as a relative. In the volume entitled "Elogios" (see Abraham Nuñez Bernal) there is a "Relacion del felice martirio del invicto Ishack de Almeida Bernal que murio vivo en fuego santificando el nombre del Señor . . ."; as well as poems in honor of Bernal by Daniel á Ribera, Jonah Abravanel, Jacob de Pina, Samuel de Castro, Abraham Castanho, Isaac Israel, Daniel Arango, and a sermon by Jacob Abendana.

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