Actor; born at Warsaw in 1861. He sang in the chorus of the Polish opera of that city, and appeared there as a comedian (1882) in the rôle of Grandmother Jachne in A. Goldfaden's comedy, "Die Zauberin." He played in several Jewish theaters in Russia, and when the Jewish theater was forbidden in that country (Sept. 14, 1883), he went to Galicia, in Austria, and then to Rumania, where he played in various rôles, usually comic. In 1892 he was engaged by Pool's Theater of New York, where he appeared first as Zingitang in Goldfaden's "Shulamith," and later in many other plays. He was especially successful in the rôle of Shamai in "The Jewish King Lear," by J. Gordin. Bernstein now (1902) resides in New York.

H. R. M. Se.
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