A Palestinian amora of the fourth generation, and a colleague of R. Jeremiah. His teachers, R. Zeira I. and R. Hila, were among the greatest authorities of the third generation, and his younger contemporaries recognized him as an authority in halakic matters. After a short life of diligent study and earnest teaching he died, mourned by his contemporaries; and R. Zeira II. thus applied to him and illustrated the Scriptural passage (Eccl. v. 12):

(Eccl. R. to v. 11).

"The sleep of a laboring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much." "A king had hired many laborers, among whom there was one who accomplished more than was expected of him. The king, noticing this, often invited the man to accompany him on his leisurely walks. When the time came to pay the laborers, this one received as much as any of the rest; and when the laborers complained of partiality, the king replied, 'This man has accomplished in a couple of hours more than you have in a whole day.' So, R. Bun accomplished in the eight and twenty years which he devoted to the study of the Law what no other distinguished scholar could accomplish in a century"

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