BERNSTEIN, MAX (pseudonym, Silas Marner):

German author; born May 13, 1854, at Fürth, Bavaria; now (1902) practising law at Munich. His literary activity is directed mainly to the stage. The most noteworthy of Bernstein's comedies are: "Cœur-Dame," "Mein Neuer Hut," "Ritter Blaubart," "Unbefangen," "Alles in Ordnung," "Ein Guter Mensch," and "Ein Dunkler Punkt." Of his dramas may be mentioned: "Dagmar," "Ruth," and "Gold." He also wrote a collection of short stories: "Kleine Geschichten," "Die Plauderei," and "Ein Kuss," as well as numerous miscellanies that have appeared either in newspapers or in book form. While Bernstein's works are very popular amongthe general reading public, they are little noticed by the critics and the literary historians. His wife is the author Elsa Bernstein.

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S. I. Ber.
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