Polish bibliographer, archeologist, and writer on fine arts; born at Warsaw 1826. He is the owner of a choice library which contains a valuable collection of rare books and manuscripts. Among other works he wrote: (1) "W. Stosie," 1870; (2) "Tobias Kohn," Cracow, 1872, the biography of a Jewish physician of the seventeenth century, the author of "Ma'ase Tobia"; a supplement, taken from a work entitled "Metryka Koronna," giving important documents on the history of the Jews of Poland, is added to "Tobias Kohn"; (3) "Marcin Teofil Polak," 1889; (4) "Studency Polacy na Universytecie Colonskim xvi i xvii, w"—a pamphlet on old South-Russian synagogues; and many articles in the Polish periodicals "Tygodnik Illustrowany" and "Biblioteka Warszawska."

  • S. Orgelbrand, Encyklopedya Powsiechna, ii., s.v., Warsaw, 1898.
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