Biblical and Oriental scholar; born Nov. 23, 1812, in Hamburg; died May 17, 1888, in Göttingen. In 1843 he was appointed ordinary professor in the University of Göttingen, where he lectured on Oriental languages, Biblical exegesis, Hebrew archeology and history. Bertheau was the author of the following works: (1) "Die Sieben Gruppen Mosaischer Gesetze," Göttingen, 1840; "Zur Gesch. der Israeliten," Göttingen, 1842; and (in the "Kurzgefasstes Exegetisches Handbuch zum Alten Testament") commentaries on Judges and Ruth, Leipsic, 1845; Proverbs, Leipsic, 1862; Chronicles, Leipsic, 1854; Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, Leipsic, 1862. Noteworthy also is his edition of the smaller Syriac grammar of Bar-Hebraeus, Göttingen, 1843.

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