Town in the district east of the Jordan, allotted to the tribe of Reuben according to Num. xxxiii. 49 and Josh. xii. 3, xiii. 20; but in Ezek. xxv. 9 it is mentioned as a Moabitish city. Josephus calls the city "Besimoth" ("B. J." iv. 7, § 6). Eusebius speaks of it as "Bethsimuth," and states that it was situated on the Dead Sea, 10 Roman miles southeast of Jericho. Its exact site is said to have been on a sandy hill southwest of Beth-haran. From this it appears that the Talmudic assertion that Beth-jeshimoth is 12 miles distant from Abel-shittim is not correct (Neubauer, "G. T." p. 251).

J. Jr. F. Bu.
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