An Aramaic city which sent reenforcements to the Ammonites during the war with David (II Sam. x. 6, 8; compareI Sam. 14, 47, LXX.). According to Judges xviii. 28, the city of Dan was built in the plain of Beth-rehob. The latter is also mentioned as the northern frontier place of Palestine (Num. xiii. 21).

The exact site of Beth-rehob is uncertain. Robinson tried to identify it with the fort Hunên along the western border of the upper Jordan valley; but judging from the statements in the Old Testament, it must be a place east of the Jordan. It is possible that Beth-rehob is the ancient name of Banias, assuming that this place is not to be identified with Hasar Enan (compare Baal-gad).

J. Jr. F. Bu.
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