Beni-Israel soldier; born near Bombay, India, about 1790. He entered the Fourth Bombay Regiment on Feb. 2, 1811. In 1813 he served with the Poona Brigade under Colonel Cooke, and in 1814 was engaged in Katyawar and on the banks of the Runn against the Waghurs; in 1815 in Guzerat, at Bhuj, in Katyawar and Ookamundul; was present at the capture of the forts of Anjor, Kunkote, Dhingkee, and Joonkee; in 1816 was at Jamnuggur and Dwarka, and at the taking of Dcesa, Palampur, Veerumpur, and Kurrunjah; in 1817-18 served in the whole of the campaign in Malwa in pursuit of Holkar, and in 1819 was at the capture of the forts of Newtee and Raree in the southern Konkan. From 1821 to 1827 he was employed on various field services in Guzerat, at the taking of the fort Limbuj, and at Dongerpur, and subsequently in the southern Konkan on several occasions.

Bhorupkar was promoted to the rank of a jemidar Jan. 9, 1828, and to that of subedar on Dec. 28, 1833; was appointed subedar-major on Jan. 1, 1839; was admitted to the Second-Class Order of British India, with the title of bahadur, on March 24, 1841; and retired from service Feb. 3, 1847.

J. J. Hy.
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