Jewish convert to Christianity; born April 9, 1799, at Pattensen, near Hanover; died March 28, 1868, at Ahlden-on the-Aller. Bialloblotzky studied Christian theology and philosophy, and received the degree of D.D. at the University of Göttingen in 1824, the subject of his thesis being "De Legis Mosaicæ Abrogatione." He wrote several works on Christian theology, and published the following on Jewish subjects: (1) "The Chronicles of R. Joseph ben Joshua Meïr, the Sephardi," a translation of Joseph ha-Kohen's "Dibre Hayamim," published by the Oriental Translation Fund, in two volumes, London, 1834-36; (2) "Oẓar ha-Shorashim, Lexicon Radicum Hebraicarum," in Hebrew and Latin, London, 1843; (3) "Sefer ha-Shorashim," a lexicon of the Hebrew roots, in Hebrew and English, ib.

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